Do you ever wish you could experience an entirely new and amazing dimension of yourself without worrying how you will get there?

Wish you could visit, through your imagination, new and exciting places without the stress or worry of strange processes or mind-altering remedies?

Want to find a trustworthy tour guide (with more than forty years’ experience) to help you to reach your powerful inner sanctuaries—where body, mind, and soul can experience the healing and transformation it has been longing for?

This possibility awaits you when you entrust yourself to Linda Keen’s “Journeying Soul™” expeditions in which she utilizes her unique system of one-on-one guided imagery meditations via Skype online.


Linda is an American healer, author, and teacher of metaphysics. She began her practice in 1978 in the Netherlands after discovering her aptitude for using her intuition to help others. Providing support to clients looking for significant answers to questions concerning a soul’s purpose in everyday life, Linda unwittingly pioneered an entirely new method of training within the Dutch self-help community. Her book, Intuitieve Ontwikkeling (Intuitive Development), published in 1985, soon became a bestseller (the book recently went into its 15th printing in Holland) and remains a landmark resource for those seeking encouragement in this field.

The most striking realization Linda had in the course of her work was how each and every human being has full access to his or her own elaborate body of spiritual information—if only they have the interest required to seek and find it. This access is one of the lesser-known and/or acknowledged gifts of the remarkable human psyche.

As many now know, the gift of the imagination is truly the most powerful tool we humans possess in determining our ability to “be still and know,” and it remains the primary source of all our self-healing.

As co-founder in 1987 of Mens & Intuitie (People & Intuition), one of the largest schools for energy awareness and intuitive healing in the Netherlands (with up to 350 weekly trainees), Linda, a mother of four children, spent sixteen years in that country as healer, meditation teacher, and published author. In 1993, she and her family left the Netherlands to live on the West Coast of the United States. Her school was eventually handed over to a number of graduates who continue to keep the spirit of this institution alive.

In 1998, her bestselling Dutch book Intuitieve Ontwikkeling (Intuitive Development) was published in English by Hampton Roads Publishing Company in the USA—entitled Intuition Magic: Understanding Your Psychic Nature.

Her other books in English include, John Lennon in Heaven: Crossing the Borderlines of Being (1993), and The Dream Keepers (2016), her first young adult novel.

Linda has been featured on national television and radio as an author (including NPR’s All Things Considered) and has written a total of seven books, two of them illustrated children’s books published in the Netherlands in the Dutch language.

A quote by Dr. Seuss, who shares the same day of birth as Linda (March 2nd): “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

“Integration of all that we know and can accomplish” remains Linda’s mission.

Prices for individual Skype sessions for Linda’s the Journeying Soul™ experience are $130.00 for 60-minute sessions and $160.00 for 90-minute sessions. In-person private sessions are also available if you live in her area.