LINDA KEEN has written a total of seven books, two of of which are illustrated children’s books published in the Netherlands in the Dutch language. In 1998, her bestselling Dutch book Intuitieve Ontwikkeling (Intuitive Development) was published in English by Hampton Roads Publishing Company in the US, and titled Intuition Magic: Understanding Your Psychic Nature. Linda has been featured on national television and radio as an author (including NPR’s All Things Considered). Her other books in English include John Lennon in Heaven: Crossing the Borderlines of Being (1993, 2019), and The Dream Keepers (2016, 2019), her first young adult novel.



Love is the answer. A heartwarming story about family, friendship, diversity, and self-knowledge. 

In the first years of the new millennium, Star and Thatcher O'Day are seven and eight years old when they are forced to leave the only home they have ever known.

Driving cross country from the Deep South to the West Coast with their grandfather, a famous poet they consider strange, sister and brother will also have to accustom themselves before long to an eccentric artist who does not look or act anything like they think a grandmother should. Settling into entirely new surroundings, their joys as well as trials and tribulations, combined with the ebb and flow of memorable relationships, become central to the siblings' incitement for change.

As each advancing year elicits increasing levels of alarm and acute dangers, their continuing encounters steer them into places and circumstances they never could have imagined.


JOHN LENNON IN HEAVEN: Crossing the Borderlines of Being

Journeys Across Seas of the Collective Consciousness

Imagine that you get up one morning to discover you've tapped a rich vein of the collective consciousness and can now visit friends or favorite heroes who've passed over to the other side. In this book, Linda Keen gives us a taste of how that might be. She takes us with her on a remarkable journey into seldom visited regions of human experience. Here she meets the legendary John Lennon and finds herself immediately engaged in one of the most astonishing dialogues of her life. Through this lively, entertaining narrative, we share the humor, loves, reflections, joys, and regrets--the very heart and soul--of this most beloved and controversial Beatle.

After the first few pages you'll be so deeply engrossed with the world you see through John Lennon's eyes, you'll forget to ask the obvious question: "Is this real? Has the writer actually pushed beyond the limits of everyday reality and entered another dimension?" The simple truth is that it ceases to matter whether this is fiction or a metaphysical breakthrough.

Linda Keen's prose reads like the most engaging novel, with a perspective that is convincingly positive, loving and respectful. She offers new appreciation for John's complexity and compassion, as well as for the flawed humanness and passions that perhaps helped make his music so great. The book pays homage to him--as a musical genius, as a father, as a husband, as a person who deeply loved life and was committed to world harmony. Every page celebrates his profound messages of peace, his belief in humanity's divine nature, and his own reverence for the magic of the creative spirit.

Intuition Magic Linda Keen

INTUITION MAGIC: Understanding Your Psychic Nature

Most of us have experienced bursts of intuition or "paranormal" events. Are they all products of imagination or confusion? The truth is that we all have psychic abilities. We simply have to accept their validity and learn to use them properly.

Linda Keen's unusual experiences began when she was a child. for years, she kept her secret world to herself for fear of rejection and alienation. But eventually she found companions who validated her experiences and helped her to refine her abilities. In Intuition Magic, she discusses how she developed her abilities to such a level of mastery that she eventually co-founded the largest school for psychic abilities in the Netherlands.

Linda has placed a great deal of her teachings in this book. Here you can learn the power and magic of your own intuition, following her step-by-step instruction.

You'll discover how to read and adjust auras, protect yourself from "psychic noise,"get grounded, maintain healthy chakras, and apply your new intuitive skills to everyday life.

Intuition Magic is designed as a road map to assist the seeker within this immaterial world of intuition and spirituality.

You know you are ready. Enjoy your journey.