Journeying Soul™ Services

 Before the session, you will choose your session type on this website by selecting how many minutes you feel you want or need. If you don’t know, you can easily start with a 60-minute session in order to discover your needs. 

My 60-minute and 90-minute Journeying Soul sessions begin with down-to-earth dialogue to establish the purpose and hopes of your visit and to ask any vital questions and concerns you are bringing to the session. To begin, it is highly recommended that you have pen and paper on hand in order to save and be able to later recall images, sensations, and messages which can come and go at a rapid pace during the session. These impressions will offer some real gems which can later be referred to both during and after your session in ongoing discussion with me. The notes you take on your journey can also be invaluable for long-term retention and understanding of what has been “happening,” and you will then be able to refer to these memories and experiences for self-help after each session is completed. 

I begin by inviting you, the seeker, to first start a simple relaxation process in the peaceful setting of your own physical surroundings. This can be accomplished quickly with easy focused breathing techniques, allowing you to “own” and become comfortable with going inward and into the quietness of Self. Along with the flowing rhythm of gentle breathing, you will be invited to focus your attention in your heart center of your head (or either one at various times, whichever feels best to you) in order to connect via your imagination with the archetypes of Mother Earth and Father Sky. From here, I will guide you to a place of total safety as you begin to establish a unique setting of your own which I like to call your Sanctuary or Secret Garden. It is from this base of operation where you may meet with the archetype some call The Inner Teacher and will begin to discover the tremendous power within you to “ask and receive,” to “know,” to “see,” to “hear,” to “sense” information which you ordinarily might not have access to except in your dreams, daydreams, or fleeting fantasies. I liken this other-worldly involvement to what babies or young children possibly experience in their first years on Earth. And you will be able to combine this blissful and innocent state of mind with your unique creative and inspired capacities, all via your own imagination. And, of course, I will be there with you as your trusty tour guide! And you will be able to talk to me anytime you want, and I will be able to talk to you.

When you are finished with your journey, I will guide you carefully and safely back to the familiar surroundings of your physical location. At this time, I will ask you to imagine certain things so you will feel you have arrived “back on Earth,” so to speak, even if your entire journey might have been specifically on Earth right in the glory of nature. You will have time to decompress and take notes in silence while I wait until I feel we should begin talking.

As it is very common in our culture to rarely or seldom experience naturally a heightened centeredness within the True Self, being guided to this amazingly powerful place can be an important turning point in your life. We can call this heightened state of awareness meditation, trance, hypnosis, etc., but it all comes down to the very same thing: going within in order to freely travel unlimited realms of the non-physical world in safety.

Special Note: Even if you experience fear, anxiety, or any other discomfort during your journey, I am there to help and support you completely in the process. However, feeling uncomfortable in any way can turn out to be one of the most valuable gems you could possibly uncover or end up taking away from your journey. For, as bright light casts a dark shadow, the practice of facing and dealing with any disturbances right on the spot can (and most likely will) be remarkably liberating!

For best results, I recommend at least 3 to 4 sessions to fully access areas of your True Self; however, you are free to choose as few or as many journeys as you’d like!