I met Linda Keen first inside her beautiful book, Intuition Magic and found it to contain profound wisdom about intuition. I felt it had been written with much sensitivity and care about the reader and the spiritual world. Her writing is very clear and honest and makes you feel secure and intimate with your own intuition and self! I contacted her and we did a Skype session. Linda is a wonderful person and I consider myself lucky to have met her on my personal path. During the session, her lovely energy supported me a lot, creating a safe environment full of love where I had the opportunity to come in contact with my higher self and my inner knowledge. She was like a midwife who gave birth to my unique true self. I felt empowered, grounded, and also much gratitude to her and to life!! I believe she is one of the best persons to attend you along your inner journey, as she has a profound sensitivity and remarkable clarity. I feel she has been on this path for more than one life time. Her support, tenderness and love along this journey changed both my inner and outer perception. From the bottom of my heart, Linda, thank you very much!
— Maria D., M.D., Athens, Greece

I have known Linda Keen for many years, not only as a professional, but as a friend. Her words and deeds give instant hope and meaning to anyone who is open to her insightful mind and loving being. I’ve often felt very fortunate to have found her, and to know that people such as her still exist in our increasingly indifferent and cold world. Linda made me believe that miracles truly exist, if only you believe in them and in yourself.
— Judith Gerstenblatt, New York, NY

If anyone can help others to work through blockages and issues, and to get in touch with their deeper selves, Linda is the one. You need only be near her to feel her healing energy.
— Marcia McLain, Morongo Valley, CA

I met Linda Keen unexpectedly when Amazon recommended her book Intuition Magic. Once I, read this beautiful book, I discovered it was possible to have a session with her online. And, simultaneously, in exploring another one of her books, Across the Universe with John Lennon, I had so many beautiful and very magical moments in reading it. In my first session with her, I expected to be taken by her to some “specific place,” but that did not happen because Linda (a real master from another world, a modern day shaman), allowed me to open my own door. She did not step into my world and simply bring me with her, so to speak. No. She literally taught me how to cross through the door myself, how to find my own place and my own inner guidance. For the first time in my life (after many meditations and an earlier near-death experience), I was able to enter this state of body/no-body, feeling deep happiness. I learned how to create my own questions, knowing I could return to my sanctuary any time I needed it. What Linda is doing is more than generous; it’s like getting a car with full tank of gas forever. It is literally learning how to fly and cross between the two worlds, material and non-material, with ease, with her kindness, wisdom and warmness! As mother of six, wife, businesswoman and yoga admirer, you really gave me a very new and powerful force, especially in those times when my family was experiencing very challenging times. But I found inner serenity, trust, courage and a place where I can make my own questions, give my prayers and know that all is good. Thank you, Linda!
— Irina Staro, the Bahamas

I’ve blown all too much money than I should have in the past on counsel I desperately craved, especially considering how little I had to pay with (just a testament to the gravity of the situation), yet where the majority of my money was spent, the least reward was reaped. And most of it was misleading! But, when I finally found Linda and reached out after reading her books, what I spent to speak with her, I had no regrets. The things which were communicated—even that first session two years ago—have stuck with me and helped me along continuously since. In the all-too-often ludicrous world of intuitive and “advice for a price,” I consider her a diamond in the rough, and after we began speaking I’ve since quit seeking help from anyone else. In all honesty, I’ve come to revere and trust the intuition of Linda as superior and more supportive energy for my life. I’m very thankful and glad to have found her (I doubt it was an accident) and the influence she has had on me has been indispensable, truly irreplaceable and priceless. Most people are incapable of speaking from the heart, and to the heart, in the way she has for me.
— Johnny W., Illinois

Several years ago, I read Linda’s book “Intuition Magic” explaining the process and experience of intuition. I felt a profound connection with her and decided to take her class. There was an immediate feeling of familiarity and comfort. Linda has the ability to intuit the best teaching approach for each individual, and her knowledgeable and kind-hearted manner of teaching is an inspiring experience.
— Shari Lane Amos, M.sc.D., Sacramento, CA

Delightful and refreshing! Linda gently helps you find your path, whether you’re looking for better control over physical OR emotional well-being. You’ll be so happy you are part of this!
— Sheryl Davis, Granite Bay, CA

Heartfelt and insightful, Linda Keen is a modern visionary whose abilities allow healing with the emphasis on freedom. She is a multi-talented musician, artist, teacher, healer and successful author in two countries who dedicates her time to helping others.
— Samuel Enka, Albuquerque, NM

Linda Keen is a profoundly compassionate, caring, gifted, talented, intuitive, smart, fun, and funny individual. Anything you want to learn from her, pay attention! She’s the real deal.
— Nichole A. Choice, Pasadena, CA

My daughter and I have taken regular meditation classes with Linda Keen and cannot say enough about what a wonderful and experienced guide she is. We feel so lucky to have been able to learn from Linda and profit from the daily benefits of incorporating meditation into our routine. Linda has run a meditation school, written a meditation book, and has vast experience teaching. I highly recommend meditation and Linda is a gentle and experienced instructor.
— R. Davis, Sacramento, CA

What stands out about Linda is how warm, caring, loving, and sparkling she is. On numerous occasions via Skype, she guided me in meditation in a very kind and heartfelt way, giving me the space and understanding I needed. She helped me to open my heart once again. Along with this, she advised me to write down my experiences just for myself in order to find my own answers. In doing this, the whole stressful situation I had been stuck in was miraculously reversed and I could see myself in an entirely new light. I was able to be much more loving towards myself and my circumstances. I remain extremely grateful for my sessions with Linda.
— J. Nijdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands