Human beings, animals, and all life forms “read” (feel, sense, know) energy naturally in the course of daily existence. Often, for humans (who are accustomed to using their characteristic thinking and reasoning capacities a lot more than they use their intuition), it can be refreshing and highly useful to have a neutral party intuitively read energy for them from a distance, as we may be too close to any particular subject (and maybe too confused or doubtful) to have much clarity about the subject on our own.

As described in detail in her book Intuition Magic, Linda learned not only to help herself with her intuition, but to help others by giving them “energy readings.” These can focus on anything from releasing blocked energy from the past or present, to answering questions and working through a present-day challenge, to providing information about a person’s soul journey and life’s path—all of which are aimed at helping a person “own” their highest potentials.

Energy readings, either in-person or from a distance, are highly individual, tapping into different dimensions of awareness to provide insights as to why certain events are “happening to us” and what we might possibly be learning or gaining from them. For, if we understand how our numerous human capacities can come together to create a workable whole—and, in discovering  just what it is we are learning and able to “take home” from this confluence of information—our seeming challenges can be viewed as exciting adventures instead of joy-killing obstacles.

Linda’s distance readings can offer hopeful and optimistic possibilities without forecasting future events, as she believes everything is possible if we understand how we are responsible for fashioning and fulfilling our own dreams and goals. She believes that a trustworthy and effective reader will always strive to empower a person with self-knowledge and intuitive knowing rather than tell that person how to feel or what to do.  An effective reading will always leave the recipient feeling better about themselves rather than worried or inadequate.